Morubel offers a range of packaging options for its produce, according to the product characteristics, usage and target markets (retail, food service or industry).

Packaging options for retail produce include:

Pillow bags - contents ranging from 100 g up to 1 kg
Used mainly for plain shrimp and related seafood produce

  • Stand-up bags - contents ranging from 200 g up to 1 kg

Used both for plain products and for value-added products such as marinated shrimp and prawns, breaded mussels and squid rings, seafood mix and seafood products coated with sauces

  • Sprinter boxes (cardboard) - contents ranging from 200 g up to 500 g (depending on the produce)

Used for value-added produce such as marinated shrimp and prawns or related seafood specialties and for seafood produce coated with sauces.

Frozen food service products are usually packed in:

  • Pillow bags with contents up to 2,5 kg

Packaging options for produce for industrial purposes include:

  • Cardboard boxes of 5 kg up to 13 kg

  • Plastic bins of 400 kg

  • Cardboard pallet containers of max 450 g (depending on the product)







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