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Craftsmanship is what we do on a daily basis. The world keeps on turning, products and flavours change, technologies evolve. With our many years of experience, enormous flexibility and passion for products perfect produce our processing plant continues to steer a smart course.
Our various production lines for frozen seafood, retail and bulk packaging are constantly being updated and extended to ensure we are equipped with the most up-to-date technology.

We mean business with our state-of-the-art plant:

  • 37.400 m2
  • 2 processing lines
  • 1 thawing line
  • 4 packaging lines
  • Separated warehouses for raw materials and finished products
  • Capacity 14.000 ton
  • Certifications (IFS, ISO, BRC and all Chain of Custody certifications can be downloaded from Quality & sustainability)

Pure craftmanship in everything we do

When you’ve been in this industry for over 60 years, craftsmanship comes naturally. At Morubel, we pride ourselves on being a true master in seafood processing.

Founded in 1954, Morubel is located in the Belgian coastal city of Ostend. Initially, the company salted and dried fish for export to Africa. Hence the name Morubel: 'la Morue belge'.

In the 70s, Morubel changed course, due to the EU imposing quotas and fish becoming less abundant. The existing salting and drying installations were replaced with state-of-the-art cooling and freezing equipment.

Since the 80s, shrimp has increasingly become our core business activity and it became apparent that large investments were required in modern processing techniques and machinery.

The current production facility was built in 1993, incorporating a complete separation between low- and high-care zones and the implementation of very strict hygienic procedures. Morubel was the first in the sector to obtain ISO 9002.

In August, Morubel was acquired by Cooke inc. While Morubel was previously under the “Shore” umbrella, Morubel from now on will be integrated into the Cooke family of companies.
Read more on the acquisition in this article


A family's passion with worldwide ambition

Morubel, as part of the Cooke Seafoods group, is now positioning itself as a seafood processor on a global level. In 1985, Cooke Seafoods was founded by the Cooke family in Blacks Harbor, New Brunswick Canada. From humble beginnings with one farm and 5,000 salmon, Cooke Inc. now the largest privately held, family-owned seafood company in the world, employing more than 13,000 people worldwide.

The Cooke family of companies operates global aquaculture and wild fishing divisions in 15 countries, providing a sustainable source of seafood to tables around the world.

Our mission is to cultivate the ocean with care, feed the world, care for our families and build stronger communities.
This kind of obsession has led Cooke Seafoods to set up operations in nine countries around the world and harvest more than 25 core fish species.
But no matter where your seafood comes from, you can be sure it's produced by caring people in thriving communities.

The map below proves our worldwide activity!

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